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Postpartum Depression: Symptoms and Treatment Options

There sure are a lot of feelings that come after you give birth to your baby! Some new mothers feel a euphoric high when they deliver and some feel like they need some time to bond with their baby before they feel any strong emotional attachment. When you add in the rapid hormonal changes of postpartum, it makes it easier to understand why many people report both happy and sad moments in the weeks following delivery.

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Breastfeeding Latch and Positioning Tips

Achieving a good latch supports the milk supply so the baby gets enough milk for the duration of the breastfeeding journey, minimizes sore nipples and clogs, and also helps the baby get more of a “complete” feeding, drawing out the fattier components of breastmilk.

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Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep During Pregnancy

Even though a good night’s sleep is immensely important during pregnancy, pregnancy insomnia can be a problem all the way from early to late pregnancy.

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Types of Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, there are so many changes that are happening in your body through the nine months of growing a baby.

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How To Increase Milk Supply

In terms of actual breast milk supply, as in, the body produces enough to sustain feedings, the mother’s body relies on a number of signals in order to know how much milk is needed. It's referred to as supply and demand, but more appropriately, demand and supply.

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Must-Have Eco Friendly Breastfeeding Essentials

It is incredibly important to celebrate Earth day each year because it recognizes the harm humans are capable of causing while showing the massive amounts of support across the globe for protecting the Earth and the environment. We draw attention to eco-friendly options, ways to reduce waste generated, both after use and in the production of products, and prioritizing recyclable or reusable options! In this we save money, energy, and natural resources.

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Your Pelvic Floor: What it is and How to Prepare for Birth

Spending some time every day doing targeted pelvic floor exercises will help them function optimally during pregnancy and birth and also help you have an easier time recovering postpartum.

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Breast Pumping Accessories Gift Guide

Are you shopping for a baby shower or registry? Or are you putting together gift ideas for yourself? When deciding on what to purchase in preparation for a new baby, many try to be more intentional with what they pick out for other moms. Especially if you are experienced and know that, while cutesy items are fun, they don't matter as much at 3 a.m. when we simply need things that make our sleepy lives easier. So what makes a great gift that is helpful and innovative?

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Tips for Breast Pumping in the Car

Keep in mind: Safety comes first. We will discuss ways to achieve the proper setup without compromising your safety while riding in your vehicle. Practice your set up, get comfortable with it, and only drive and pump if you can do so safely and legally. The right materials and pump will assist with this.

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Everything to Know about the Motif Duo Double Electric Breast Pump

It is all about mobility and vacuum suction when it comes to pumping with the new Motif Duo. Pumping mothers need ease and accessibility to reach their goals, and the Motif Duo is the perfect pump for this!

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