Meet the Motif Luna

The pump all moms are talking about

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Did you know your insurance could cover your breast pump? 

No Insurance? No Worries!

Motif Luna Double Electric Breast Pump

As low as $179!

Or pay overtime with Affirm

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Motif Insurance Lookup

Find out if you can qualify to

Get a Pump Through Insurace

Check out our easy-to-use Insurance Look-Up Tool to see where you could get a pump through insurance from one of our trusted suppliers.

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Why Moms LOVE Motif Products


Bestselling Breast Pumps

Sophisticated, strong, soothing. Meet the Luna. Our most powerful breast pump yet.

A wearable, wireless breast pump built for the modern Mom on-the-go. Designed to fit in your bra, the Motif Aura is hands-free, powerful and discreet.

A lightweight, portable breast pump that can be used for single or double pumping.

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