Maternity Compression

Maternity Compression

Maternity compression garments are FDA-listed medical devices designed by experts to provide support, relief, and stabilization for increased comfort during pregnancy and postpartum. The soft, yet supportive fabric of our maternity compression line targets specific areas to help you stay on your feet during pregnancy and recover after giving birth

  Pregnancy Back Brace


These medical devices work by relieving pregnancy-related pressure from the abdomen, hips, and lower back to reinforce the body’s core.

            Pregnancy Back Brace Overview

  • Relieves pressure and improves posture
  • Lifts and supports the weight of the baby
  • Grows with your pregnancy
  • Discreet, breathable, machine washable
  • FDA-listed medical device

  Postpartum Recovery Garment



The extra support provided from this medical garment works to improve posture while tightening and toning the areas most affected by pregnancy.

           Postpartum Support Garment Overview

  • Relieves pain and swelling
  • Reduces fluid retention and bloating
  • Helps with C-section and vaginal birth recovery
  • Assists moms with getting back on their feet faster
  • Assists the uterus and other organs to return to normal size and location



  Maternity Compression Socks


Compression socks or maternity socks help circulate blood, reduce swelling, and relieve pain and cramping during all stages of pregnancy and postpartum.

           Compression Socks Overview

  • Reduces swelling and discomfort in feet and ankles
  • Supports cardiovascular system, promotes blood flow
  • Helps prevent development of varicose veins and blood clots
  • Assists with long days on your feet



NEW! Preganancy Support Leggings & Shorts



Buttery-soft leggings & biker shorts with built-in support for all stages of pregnancy. Made for lounging, exercise, running errands and everything in-between.

           Support Leggings & Shorts Overview

  • Breathable fabric with light compression
  • Side pocket for multi-tasking moms on-the-go
  • Everyday support for your bump & back
  • Machine washable
  • High-waisted
  • Non slip grip on hem to keep them in place

Please note, pregnancy support leggings & shorts are not covered by insurance.



  Maternity Compression Through Insurance

Motif Maternity Compression are FDA-listed medical devices designed to provide support and relief for pregnant and new moms.

These garments may be covered by your insurance. Here’s how to find out:


  • Use Motif’s Insurance Lookup Tool to look up your insurance and state.
  • Get matched up with a medical supplier that carries Motif Compression and covers your insurance.
  • Click their link and fill out their qualify form. Their reps will get in touch with any additional information they need.
  • Receive your garments in the mail!


Frequently Asked Questions

When should I wear my Maternity Compression?
You can wear your Motif Pregnancy Support Band anytime from three to nine months during your pregnancy. Motif Postpartum Support Garments are designed for one week to four months postpartum. Compression socks can be worn throughout the pregnancy and postpartum period.
Are there multiple choices of style and color?
Motif Pregnancy Support Bands are available in white. Our Postpartum Recovery Garments come in both a Natural Birth and C-Section option (the difference between the zipper) and both are available in nude.
What are the Compression Products made of?
The Pregnancy Support Band is made of Nylon and Polyester. The Compression Socks are made of a blend of Nylon, Spandex and Polyester. The Post Partum Garment is made of latex-free Nylon and Spandex.