Luna Double Electric Breast Pump

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Sophisticated, strong, and soothing, the Motif Luna is our most powerful breast pump. With a battery life of up to 4 hours between charges, the Luna was built for modern motherhood. The Luna is available in both battery and non-battery versions. Lightweight and portable, the Luna weighs less than 2 pounds. With a suction strength of 280 mmHg, the Luna is proven to provide More Milk in Less Time®.

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Sophisticated. Strong. Soothing. Meet the Luna. The powerful new breast pump from Motif Medical. Sleek on the outside and high-powered on the inside, moms say the Luna pumps "more milk in less time" and is easy to use, with a quiet motor that won’t wake baby.

Massage and Expression Modes provide full control and maximum comfort. These modes simulate let-down by mimicking your baby’s natural nursing pattern and expressing milk from the breast with high efficiency.

What's Included:

1 – Luna Breast Pump (Non-Battery or Battery-Powered)

2 – 24mm Breast Shields

2 – 28mm Breast Shields

2 – Valves

2 – Diaphragms

2 – Tubes

2 – Milk Collection Containers

2 – Milk Collection Container Caps

2 – Milk Collection Container Covers

2 – Milk Collection Container Disks

2 – Bottle Nipples

1 – Power Adapter

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