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Finding The Correct Breast Pump Flange Size

Finding the right fit is always important – whether it’s for clothing, shoes, but especially when it comes to your breast pump flange size if you're a breast pumping mom. Soreness, pinching, irritation, and clogged milk ducts don’t sound fun but are all things that can occur if you don’t have the correct flange size. A breast pump flange (breast shield) size that is too small or too big could seriously hinder your pumping experience and overall breast pumping journey. So, be sure to choose the correct size to properly express milk for your infant.

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The Ultimate Guide to Stop Breast Pumping Pain

Just like with breastfeeding, pumping your breasts should most certainly not be painful or uncomfortable. While some discomfort and pain may happen, the occurrence of either could be an indicator that something needs to be adjusted or addressed.

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Returning to Work While Breastfeeding & Pumping

Many working moms who breastfeed and exclusively pump face the challenge of pumping during the work day, and they do so successfully with some preparation. As a pumping mom, all you need is a little confidence, a solid plan, and reliable resources.

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Why Moms Love the Motif Luna

The Motif Luna can pump more milk in less time? Yes, it can. It may seem impossible, but the Luna was designed specifically to fit the needs of busy moms on the go. It’s perfect for quick pumping breaks at work, while running errands, in between chores, and more.

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The Battery Powered Luna

Motif’s goal is to make sure we listen to moms’ needs and to continue improving our products to match the needs of today’s busy, on-the-go mom. So, moms asked, and we listened by presenting a portable version of our most powerful pump, the Luna! So what makes the battery-powered Luna so special? In this blog, our in-house lactation director and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Ashley, will explain why it’s such a game changer to breastfeeding and pumping moms!

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Cleaning Your Breast Pump

Alright Motif Mom, we know you’re busy. Caring for an infant involves chores, laundry, diaper changes, feedings, and much more. Then your time becomes even more limited upon returning to work. However, to keep yourself and baby happy and healthy it's crucial to clean your Motif breast pump after every use!

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