Why Moms Love the Motif Luna

It is true: pumping can be both effective and a positive experience. Whether the need is for the occasional expressed milk or for full-time pumping, the Luna has been a pleasant surprise for mothers everywhere. From the lightweight design and quiet motor to the strong, double-pump action, breastfeeding and pumping mothers are reporting more milk in less time in comparison to different pumps from other brands.

More Milk in Less Time®

The average time spent for set up and pumping is 20-30 minutes a session. Multiply that by how often we need to pump, every 3 hours on average, that is 3-4 hours a day! Pumping then begins to feel like a full time job, instead of a beneficial gesture. How do we change this?

The Luna is a double-electric breast pump designed to have an engine that allows no compromise in suction power, regardless of time used, or pumping one or both breasts. This consistency is important for output and volume, as well as the life of the pump.

The massage and pumping modes, and the simplicity in navigating the two, assist the mother’s body into signalling the “letdown response.” This surge and contraction of milk is the pacemaker for the majority of the session: the better the letdown, the more volume to work with. The Luna has a rhythm that mimics that of a breastfeeding baby, which is an effective stimulus for the breast tissue and overall milk supply.

Setup is, and should be, a priority. The amount of time spent and the ease in doing so sets the tone of the session. It should not be complicated, nor take away from the time allotted for pumping- mothers are busy!

The new battery-operated Luna takes the need for finding an outlet away, not to mention the presence of cords. Flanges and tubing take no time to assemble, as everything pops nicely into place, even at night, thanks to the night light built right into the pump.

High-Tech Amenities


  • Expression Mode
  • Massage Mode

The ability to bounce back and forth between modes assists in achieving the letdown response, implements power pumping techniques, and gives the capability to personalize the stimuli needed. With a simple press of a button, the pump can switch from short, rapid cycles with lower suction, to programmable settings imitating drinking patterns, longer cycles and stronger suction.


Luna operates with a cordless option with its rechargeable battery, which is charged quickly and lasts for hours of pumping, along with an auto shut-off for max energy saving. This battery-powered feature also contributes to the ultra quiet motor.


The backlit LCD, or liquid crystal display, is the same technology used in TVs, smartphones, and computer monitors. This allows mothers to clearly see the strength and cycle settings, as well as the mode and time.

IBCLC – Approved

The Luna is effective, but also safe. Not only is the pump engine hospital-strength, it is hospital-grade. This means that the airflow through the engine is never compromised or contaminated with the milk, avoiding mold growth and more. Backflow is avoided with the design of the setup for milk collection, too, and membranes and diaphragms are easy to change as needed.

Working with new moms, we see anxiety for desiring healthy milk supply, managing complications effectively, such as clogged ducts, and tackling the learning curve of all of the various aspects of motherhood. Postpartum health and management is a large part of breastfeeding and pumping durations.

Pumping needs to be easy, effective and protect the milk supply- but also enjoyable to the point of being able to achieve their goals and stick with their individual pumping regimen.

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