The Top Benefits of Maternity Compression Wear

The Top Benefits of Maternity Compression Wear

Supporting Your Pregnancy with Maternity Compression

Pregnancy is such a fun and exciting time—there’s nothing quite like preparing to welcome a new soul into the world! But with the anticipation of meeting your baby, can come a host of unexpected aches in your body caused by the physical and hormonal changes of pregnancy. It takes a lot of work to form a whole new person inside you. Plus your body is shifting and accommodating to allow your baby to grow and develop. The benefits of compression during this transitional time of life have been used for ages around the world and thankfully, Motif Medical has developed maternity compression products that are designed to support a healthy pregnancy and promote a smooth postpartum recovery. Even better than that, most of Motif’s maternity support garments are multi-purpose and can be used during pregnancy and into the postpartum, too!

Pregnancy Support Leggings and Shorts

The first essential piece you’ll want to add to your closet is Motif Medical’s Pregnancy Support Leggings & Shorts. These bottoms are made with gentle compression to support your growing belly, which helps reduce that end-of-the-day low back ache and soreness that so many pregnant women experience. 

Breastfeeding momBreastfeeding mom
Motif Medical's Pregnancy Support Shorts

The leggings and shorts are made from breathable, machine-washable fabric and have a non-slip grip to keep them in place while you’re active. Not only are they comfortable during pregnancy, but both the leggings and the shorts are the perfect clothing item to wear in the immediate postpartum! In the days after you give birth to your baby your abdominal organs are all settling back into the space your baby had been occupying. This can all feel pretty strange and even uncomfortable. Wearing Motif’s leggings or shorts will provide just a little bit of compression to help you feel more comfortable and stable, even while things are moving around inside.

Maternity Compression Socks and Pregnancy Back Brace

Motif Medical’s maternity compression socks are another must-have! During pregnancy, especially in the third trimester, the weight of your baby and your uterus makes it more difficult for you to have good blood flow in your legs and feet. It’s pretty typical for pregnant women to experience swollen feet and ankles, especially if they’ve been on their feet a large portion of the day. Wearing compression socks can be a lifesaver for days like that! When blood flow to your legs and ankles slows down, your body pushes some of the fluid into extracellular spaces, which is what causes the swelling or edema. But wearing compression socks helps prevent those symptoms and keeps you from experiencing the discomfort and tenderness that come with swelling in your feet. Compression stockings or socks are also beneficial to wear when you are traveling or if you have varicose veins. I recommend my clients have a pair of compression socks for traveling! Sitting for long periods, like many do when traveling, can inhibit blood flow and can lead to complications such as blood clots or deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Wearing compression socks and walking around every 45 minutes will help prevent these issues.

Speaking of sitting for long periods, your most important task after you give birth is to rest. Which means you’re going to be sitting a lot. This is the perfect time to continue using your compression socks! Wearing them after birth promotes blood flow to prevent blood clots and DVT. 

Motif Medical’s compression socks with graduated compression are so beneficial that many insurance plans cover them as a benefi!t

Pregnancy Back Brace

I can not let you go without hearing about Motif Medical’s Pregnancy Back Brace. This thing is magic and it might be my favorite of all of Motif’s maternity compression garments! Your abdominal muscles do a lot to support your growing baby as you work and move throughout the day and many times that leads to your lower back doing more work than it’s used to. This often leads to back pain at the end of the day. Enter Motif Medical’s Pregnancy Back Brace! You may have seen belly bands similar to this before, but this one is different. I have had clients try MANY other brands and say that this one is the only one that offers true back support and provides relief for their aches and pains. This pregnancy back brace is also helpful for people who experience pelvic girdle pain or pubic symphysis dysfunction. Motif’s pregnancy support band has adjustable side straps that allow you to apply just the right level of compression. This product may also be covered by your insurance company, so check with them to see if this is a benefit they provide.

Postpartum Recovery Garment

Last, but certainly not least, make sure you check out Motif Medical’s postpartum recovery garment. This garment supports your pelvic floor, core, and lower back while recovering from birth. It can be used by those who had a vaginal birth and is also extremely beneficial for people who delivered their baby by c-section. The gentle compression on the abdomen can ease the discomfort most women feel after delivering their baby, especially once they start to move around and be a little more active. Even in the first few days, postpartum compression is beneficial because it helps reduce the risk of postpartum hemorrhage and decrease swelling by promoting good blood flow. The hormonal changes that are happening right after birth can be pretty intense and wearing a compression garment provides comfort and stability as you sit, stand, and walk. Your healthcare plan might also offer Motif Medical’s postpartum recovery garment as a benefit to help promote a smooth recovery, so check with them to see if this is a covered benefit under your plan.

About the Author

Rebekah Mustaleski is a Medical Advisor for Motif Medical. She is a Certified Professional Midwife with Roots & Wings Midwifery, where she promotes evidence-based maternity care for families seeking an out-of-hospital delivery.

Information provided in blogs should not be used as a substitute for medical care or consultation.

Information provided in blogs should not be used as a substitute for medical care or consultation.


Rebekah Mustaleski is a Certified Professional Midwife with Roots & Wings Midwifery in Knoxville, TN, where Rebekah promotes evidence-based maternity care for families seeking an out of hospital delivery. She is working to improve maternal outcomes during the childbearing year and to promote a sustainable business model for midwifery practices across the country. Rebekah is co-owner of Roots & Wings Midwifery, LLC as well as Treasurer for the Tennessee Midwives Association.

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