Mother’s Day Gifts for Motif Moms

Mother’s Day Gifts for Motif Moms

Meet Her Practical Needs

Growing, birthing, and feeding a baby are acts worth celebrating! Show the new mom in your life support by giving gifts that help make her motherhood journey a little bit easier. We’ve got you covered with these thoughtful gift ideas that Motif Moms love!

New moms are often so focused on taking care of their little ones that they neglect taking care of themselves. Lighten her load and help her feel supported by meeting some of her most practical needs.

  • Organize a meal train. While this “gift” is typically given to families in the early postpartum period, there are no rules that say it can’t be repeated. Most mothers of small children welcome the gift of nourishing meals that they don’t have to prepare. Bonus Tip: Use disposable containers so no one has to worry about dishes getting returned.
  • Hire a cleaning service. A clean and tidy environment promotes reduced anxiety and increased relaxation! Whether your budget affords one-time or weekly services, this gift will be greatly appreciated.
  • Create a breastfeeding basket or cart. Set her up with everything she needs for nursing and pumping at her fingertips. Include nourishing snacks that she can eat one-handed, a water tumbler that has a handle and a straw, reusable nursing pads, milk storage containers, extra pump parts, burp cloths, scrunchies, chapstick, and nipple balm.
  • Volunteer to care for the baby while she naps. This one is so simple, but so appreciated by new moms. While it might be tempting to offer to give a bottle while a new breastfeeding mom naps, it’s important that she not skip nursing or pumping sessions as this could decrease her milk supply. Put her mind at ease by reassuring her that you’ll wake her if the baby starts showing hunger cues. 

Optimize Her Pumping Experience

Pumping is hard work! Focus on gifts that will help her to get the most out of each pumping session. Help her get comfy with a cozy chair, tools for maximum milk removal, and hands-free accessories. 

Breastfeeding momBreastfeeding mom
Motif Luna Double Electric Breast Pump

These Motif products can take her pumping game to the next level:

  • Motif Luna Breast Pump - This powerhouse breast pump delivers hospital-strength suction and has fully customizable vacuum and cycle speed adjustments. Having a high-quality, double-electric breast pump is key for getting pumping off to a good start. This is the perfect pump for building and maintaining a full milk supply!
  • Hands-Free Pumping Bra - Help her break free from the need to constantly hold her flanges in place while pumping. This bra allows for a hands-free pumping experience while keeping pump flanges securely in place. Think holding a baby, answering emails, folding laundry, or relaxing while scrolling Instagram. A hands-free bra is essential for any mom who uses a breast pump!
  • Motif Aura Breast Pump - Wanna take hands-free to a whole other level? Motif Aura is a completely wearable breast pump that makes the perfect pumping combo when paired with the Motif Luna. While Luna is the workhorse of the bunch, Aura makes pumping on the go much more doable. This pump fits discreetly inside the bra and is super quiet. 
  • Silicone Manual Breast Pump - A silicone manual pump is a must-have for those times when a mom just can’t get to her regular pump. Since it’s easy to pop into a purse or diaper bag it’s great to take along as a backup. This little pump also works well for catching letdown while baby nurses are on the opposite side so none of that precious liquid gold is wasted.

Make Milk Cleanup and Storage a Breeze

The act of pumping alone is work, but then there is the need to store milk and clean pump parts. These items help reduce time and work spent on those tasks so mom can get in just a few more snuggles:

  • Easy Pour Breast Milk Storage Bags - Many of us have cried over spilled breast milk, but these convenient bags help make pouring less risky. They are BPA free and hold up to 6 ounces. The leak proof double zipper means peace of mind.
  • Reusable Milk Storage Bags - These eco-friendly bags are designed for ease of use. The oval-shaped bottom makes for easy cleaning with no creases or corners to fight. They store up to a whopping 10 ounces!
  • Pump-to-Bag Adapters - These nifty tools mean less bottles to wash…..HOORAY! Simply attach to the flange, clip on a milk storage bag, and rejoice at the idea of fewer dishes.
  • Micro-Steam Sterilizer Bags - Nothing is worse than getting to the end of a busy day and realizing there is still a basin full of pump parts that need to be sterilized!! These handy micro-steam bags can sterilize parts in as little as 90 seconds and can be used up to 20 times. 

Bonus Tip: Washing her pump parts for her will make you a hero!

Make This Mother’s Day Extra Special

One of the best ways you can make this Mother’s Day special is by lifting her up with encouraging words. Moms carry a heavy load of expectations from friends, family, social media, and themselves. A kind word or a thoughtful letter about the great job she’s doing can mean the world to a new mom. No matter how many times she hears that she’s doing a good job, she’s still likely to doubt herself. Let her know you’re in her corner and you see how hard she’s working for her family. Happy Mother’s Day!

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Jacque Ordner Motif Medical IBCLCJacque Ordner Motif Medical IBCLC

Jacque Ordner is a mom of four sons and IBCLC in the heart of the Midwest in Illinois. Her love of lactation support began over a decade ago when she was working as a registered nurse. She specializes in adoptive lactation, breastfeeding after c-section, and pumping. 

Information provided in blogs should not be used as a substitute for medical care or consultation.

Information provided in blogs should not be used as a substitute for medical care or consultation.


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