Why Breastfeeding Benefits Mothers

Why Breastfeeding Benefits Mothers By Ashley Georgakopoulos, IBCLC and Motif Lactation Director There are many sources of information out there about the health and bonding benefits of breastfeeding for the baby, but there are just as many crucial benefits and health implications for the mother! Realizing and sharing this information has a great impact on women’s health worldwide. It is so much bigger than the changing of social normalities and pressure [...]

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Holiday Travel Survival Guide

Holiday Travel Survival Guide: Tips for Pumping While Traveling How to Plan for the Trip Things to Take Into Account:  How long will you be traveling? Calculate an estimate of ounces to be collected in total. What storage methods will be available on the trip? If staying in a hotel, call ahead to see if there is access to a freezer. Account for space in your carry-on or checked bag [...]

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Over-the-Counter Medications and Breastfeeding

It's understood that all medications can diffuse into breastmilk¹, but many times there is a point of ignorance and anxiety from healthcare providers on knowing which medications infiltrate to a dosage that's measurable or harmful to the breastfeeding infant/child. This leads to unnecessary cessation, or halt, of breastfeeding and pumping. Many over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription (Rx) medications are actually fine to take while continuing to provide breastmilk. For the medications that are [...]

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What to Know About Breastmilk Supply?

Despite breastfeeding being a “natural” way to feed, it can also be a source of anxiety and uncertainty. There is a culture heavily reliant on concrete, numerical affirmation, both from the family and the medical community, that with the slightest concern, occasionally equates to leading the mother to supplement and even stopping completely. Understanding “supply”, the most common word used in regard to breastfeeding, how its established and what is adequate would [...]

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Clogged Milk Ducts: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Clogged Milk Ducts: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention Clogged, blocked, and plugged ducts. There are many terms for the same problem. Restricted milk flow, or “milk stasis”, leading from the milk-storing alveoli (those grape-like clusters in the breasts), may lead to a fatty blockage that soon becomes painful, and even infectious mastitis, if not treated quickly enough. These clogs can very well lead to other problems and occurrences, including lower supply [...]

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