Gift Guides Featuring The Best Motif Presents For Mom

With each passing December day, we’re running out of time to deck the halls with boughs of folly. For those who haven’t started holiday shopping, you may be feeling the pressure. But don't worry,  you have plenty of time to find gifts for that new mom in your life thanks to these awesome gift guides!

Gift Guides Featuring The Best Motif Presents For Mom

Last Minute Guides That Include Gifts For New Moms

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Moms to Be

Bethany, the creator of Parenting in Progress, has developed a list of the perfect items for expecting mothers to enjoy. This mommy gift guide includes a variety of items that will make mom’s life easier with tools they’ll actually use - from the quality Motif Duo Breast Pump to the Safe Ride 4 Kids Tummy Shield. From keeping her pregnant belly safe to using a convenient and comfortable pump, the new mom in your life will love any and all of the items on this list.

2018 Gift Guide For Adults

Mom Blog Society took a more broad approach by including some ultimate gifts for a variety of adults to enjoy. New moms, your brother, an uncle, grandma, and more could all enjoy something from this gift guide. For example, the BeardHead which features knit beards attached to toboggans will keep faces warm during the winter and the Isabelle Grace Jewelry is the perfect accent piece for every outfit.


Modern Mommy Files has put a gift guide together for moms who have recently given birth. Do you know anyone expecting a new addition around the holidays? Well, then those moms will benefit from this list with items such as Culturelle Baby Probiotics to promote the development of a healthy digestive and immune system and the Motif Twist breast pump to simplify pumping on-the-go. This list is perfect for showing the busy mom in your life how much you truly care.

Holiday Gift Guide for Women 2018

Who Said Nothing In Life is Free has put together the ultimate gift guide for moms of all ages, with items especially well suited for new mothers! The Instapot will help every mom save time in the kitchen while whipping out delicious recipes and the Fosmon’s Ultrasonic Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser will help moms relax with indulgent aromas. However, most notably on this list, the Motif Twist breast pump is a super lightweight option you can give your busy mom for the ability to pump on the go!

2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Have you visited Life With Kathy? If you haven't, you should. As an experienced mother of 2, she was able to put together an awesome all inclusive gift guide for the whole family. From the Spin and Slide DJ Panda and Squishmellows for kids, beauty products like Florida Salf Scrubs for mom, and the Wyze Cam for the home. With the addition of holiday books and amazing food and beverages to choose from, you’ll quickly pick out the perfect gift. Plus the Motif Duo and Twist are listed as breast pump options along with the Motif Peacelilly baby nail file to help out new moms!

Baby Essentials For The First Year

The first year spent with your newborn can be an exciting time, but any item to make to process of caring for your child most certainly helps. That’s why Amy, mother of three and creator of This Moma’s life put together the perfect list of gifts for those with infants. Check out items like the Unbuckleme to simplify car seats and the Covered Goods Nursing Cover to provide function and privacy for moms on the go.

Our Favorite New Mom Gifts From Motif

Sherryl from Mom Does Reviews knows what’s up as a veteran mom! She knows that when introducing a new bundle of joy to the family, items to help simplify the caring and cleaning process go a long way, especially while lactating. That’s why her gift guide focuses on items that are great for new moms. Check out the Motif Duo breast pump with the Maylilly Tote so mom can easily take her breast pump to and from work or where ever she needs to go.

2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Melissa from Outnumbered 3 To 1, is both an experienced mom and wife that knows giving the perfect gift to friends, family members, and even pets is extremely important. That’s why she created a gift guide that includes something for everyone! Find items like the Lenovo Mirage Solo VR Headset to entertain teens, Thermacell Radius Zone Mosquito Repellent for the whole family, Stikbot Monsters and Dinos to entertain kids, and Motif Duo double Electric Breast Pump to help new moms easily provide milk for their babies.

Happy Holidays From Motif

For whatever your reason, tis the season for giving. The new moms in your life, as well as everyone else on your list, will truly appreciate the special gifts from your heart, especially if they include exceptional time-saving, quality Motif items to help them care for their newborns!

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