Motif Medical Twist Breast PumpThe Motif Medical Twist Breast Pump
Motif Medical Twist Diaphragms



$149.00 MSRP

Known as our ‘Affordable Portable,’ the Twist is a convenient, economical option for every mom. 

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The Affordable Care Act now requires health insurance plans to cover breastfeeding supplies and support. However, plans may differ in the type of equipment and benefits offered. Use the Motif Insurance Locator to see if the Twist is available through your insurance.

Pump How You Want

Single or double pumping option.

Pump On-the-Go

Dual power options. Use it stationary or on battery power (4 AA batteries required).

Closed System

Backflow protection keeps the motor and tubing clean, preventing contamination.

Super Lightweight Design

Less than 1/2 a pound.



No loud hum. Great for discreet pumping.


Perfect for slipping into your bag


Adjustable suction pattern designed for maximum let-down.


  • 2 – 24mm, 28mm, and 32mm Breast Shields
  • 2 – 180mL Milk Collection Containers
  • 2 – Nipples
  • 2 – Valves
  • 1 – Tubing
  • 2 – Connectors and Diaphragms
  • 1 – Power Adapter
  • 1 – Double Electric Breast Pump
  • 2 – 24 mm, 28mm, and 32mm Breast Shields
  • 2 – 180mL Milk Collection Container
  • 2 – Nipples
  • 2 – Valves
  • 1 – Tubing
  • 2 – Connectors and Diaphragms
  • 1 – Power Adapter


The Motif Luna comes with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty for the main pump and a 90-day warranty for the components.

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What is the benefit of getting my breast pump through insurance vs. a retailer?

With insurance, your Motif Breast Pump may be provided at no cost. You may also be notified of additional maternity benefits and products available to you. However, all Motif Breast Pumps come with a warranty, whether obtained through insurance or a retailer.

When can I get a breast pump through insurance?

You can qualify for your Motif Breast Pump through insurance at any time during your pregnancy and up to one year postpartum. However, some insurance policies may dictate when we are actually able to ship your pump.

My breast pump is not working properly? What do I do?

All Motif Breast Pumps come with a warranty. If you are experiencing issues with your pump, contact us via our contact form.

What is a closed vs. open system?

A closed system breast pump collects milk in a safe, protected space that is free from outside contamination. By using closed gateways, it keeps the tubing that leads to the motor bacteria and mold free. This keeps you and your baby safe, despite occasional and inevitable tipping that may occur. All Motif Breast Pumps are closed system.

What is the difference between massage and expression mode?

Massage mode mimics the natural experience of let-down while expression mode acts like your baby by causing a consistent draw that empties milk quickly and securely. When beginning to pump, start in massage mode and move into expression.

Should I get a hospital grade breast pump?

Hospital grade breast pumps are multi-user pumps used in a hospital setting that are not necessary for every mother. Hospital grade breast pumps also require a specific prescription from your healthcare provider. Motif Breast Pumps offer the suction, strength, and closed system functionality that mimic a hospital grade system but are made for just one user.

What breast shield size is right for me?

Refer to our breast shield sizing guide to determine the right breast shield for you.

How do I pump?

We recommend finding a comfortable, quiet spot in your home at first. Relaxing environments will encourage natural letdown.

If you’re having trouble with letdown, a quick breast massage, warm compress, or leaning over and gently shaking the breasts will encourage flow.

If you have your baby near you, try getting close to them and cuddling. If you’re not near them, look at a photo of your baby, listen to a recording of their cry, or imagine their face and smell in a state of mindfulness.

When using an electric pump, use the lowest suction setting at first and then increase when things are moving and you feel comfortable. Breathe deeply while you wait. This can take minutes for some and days for others.

When everything is going well, pump until your milk slows down and your breasts feel empty. Make sure you clean your breast flanges in between uses. If you experience issues while pumping, we recommend contacting your Lactation Consultant.

No or Low Suction:

  • Inspect all components for chips, cracks, and tears.
  • Clean and dry all components.
  • Do not store pumping kit in refrigerator between sessions. This will cause moisture to form.
  • Check that all components are assembled properly. Pay close attention to the direction of your diaphragms (with the X facing down) and that your valves are attached securely.
  • Plug in your pump and run the system off the outlet instead of the battery charge.
  • Check your breast shield size. Using the wrong size can create suction issues, discomfort during pumping, and negatively affect your milk production.
  • Make sure your tubing is free of twists and kinks.
  • Check your adapter port for foreign objects.
  • Your double pumping kit should be replaced every 90 days depending on how frequently it is used.

No or Low Suction on One Side Only:

  • Check all the steps listed above.
  • It may be time for routine replacement of your valves. The pump motor cannot create uneven suction or suction on one side only unless you are set up to single pump.
  • Focus on the side that isn’t working.
  • Starting with the valve, switch parts one at a time from the side that is working to the side that isn’t working. This will isolate the part that is causing the issue.
  • Check your flange fit on the nipple of the breast that is having low suction. It is possible you may need two different sizes.

Milk in Tubing:

  • Pump while sitting straight up. Do not lean or lay down.
  • Inspect your diaphragms for tears. Tears in diaphragms will let milk backflow into the tube.
  • Make sure your diaphragm is assembled correctly (with X facing down).

Battery Does Not Charge or Pump Does Not Power On:

  • Unplug the power adapter from the socket. Turn off the motor and wipe with a clean, dry cloth. Store in a warm, dry area for around 12 hours.