Hi, I’m Megan. Mom of three, full-time working mom, NYC dweller and breastfeeder. Since 2013, I’ve been pregnant to nursing to pregnant to nursing to (why on earth does this hurt so bad all of a sudden OMG I MUST BE) pregnant again and now nursing my third baby.

Pumping in NYC: How A Busy Mom Is Getting Through It

We all have our breastfeeding story with each child like we have our birth story. Mine have been relatively easy minus my first kid. I felt like nobody ever talked about breastfeeding when I was pregnant for the first time. It was all supposed to be so easy and natural. You have the baby, you pull out your boob, and the baby eats! Easy-peasy right? WRONG! It was not natural, and my son had no interest in latching. I felt like such a failure. How could I possibly be a good mom if I couldn’t even feed my baby? I was also mad. Mad at myself for not being able to nurse him but mainly mad that not one soul told me how hard breastfeeding would be. Pumping was so hard I almost quit. I was stuck lugging this giant pump back and forth to work. It was just one other thing I had to stress over.

Dragging Around The Old Pump

I had my third baby on a cold snowy January morning in NYC. I was a pro at all things mother by now – I was handling it. My job and I had worked out a deal to split up my maternity leave. If I took 2.5 months of leave when I had the baby, I could take the rest of the 2.5 months off in the summer. Sounded like a deal but still wasn’t easy leaving my 10-week-old. So, there I was, back working in a high stress start-up environment trying to have it all. The dream job, the family and make it in NYC. All while lugging my old heavy pump back and forth on my two subway 45-minute commute daily.

I was tired and stressed, but we found our groove until one day my milk dropped. I’m sure it was the stress, but one day I had a freezer full of milk and the next I was living paycheck to paycheck but the breast milk version. I was drinking the teas and popping the supplements like some kind of fenugreek junky. Nothing was working. It was stressful enough to drag my pump around daily and schedule my meetings around my pump breaks. Now I had to worry about my supply as well.

A New Option

Then my friend emailed me about this new pump on the market. She said it was a breast pump designed for busy moms on the go, I was in! Day 1 with Motif Luna and I was already sold because it was so light weight and fit right into my purse. My mornings are crazy running all three kids to Pre-K, Preschool, and the nanny share. Lugging a large pump around wasn’t the highlight of my day. The Motif Luna also made my life easier because I was able to turn my usual hour and fifteen minutes spent in the Mother’s Room into 45 minutes! One thing I lack these days is time. The fact that this pump bought me back 30 minutes a day was HUGE. I no longer was missing so many meetings or conferencing in with major clients with loud pumping sound in the background.

The Luna gave me a freedom I had lacked in the past few weeks. It’s truly a pump that that saves you time, and thankfully, it came into my life in the nick of time. This busy mom is thankful for every extra moment I have with my babies.

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