What To Do When Your Breast Pump Arrives

You’re preparing to start your breastfeeding and pumping journey and you’ve just received your Motif breast pump — congratulations, Motif mom! Now you may be wondering, what’s next? Luckily, we’ve got you covered to set up for pumping success! Read through to learn the best steps to take to assure your pump is ready to be used and you’re familiarized with the ins and outs of this new part of your motherhood journey!
You’re preparing to start your breastfeeding and pumping journey and you’ve just received your Motif breast pump — congratulations, Motif mom! Now you may be wondering, what’s next? Luckily, we’ve got you covered to set up for pumping success! Read through to learn the best steps to take to assure your pump is ready to be used and you’re familiarized with the ins and outs of this new part of your motherhood journey!

1. Register your device

It’s important to register your breast pump for its warranty as soon as possible. Here are some common questions when it comes to registering your device:

Where can I register my Motif breast pump?
The pump can be registered directly on our website, here.
When should I register my device?
Right away! No need to worry about registering the device too early. When you register your device does not affect when your warranty ends. The warranty period begins at the purchase date.
Where can I find the serial number?
The serial number for your breast pump is easily found on the back of the device itself following the letters SN. The serial number for the Luna starts with the letters US, the Duo starts with letters HF, and for the Twist the serial number is a 5 digit number.
What do I put under place of purchase?
Including an accurate place of purchase is important on your registration, as we use this to verify you got your pump from a certified Motif distributor. Unfortunately, we cannot uphold warranties when the pump is not purchased from a certified distributor.
If you used insurance what we are looking for here is not your insurance company, but the website, distributor, or company which sent you the pump and billed insurance for you — oftentimes this is a durable medical equipment company.
Some moms do receive our pumps as gifts. If this is the case, we request that you ask the gifter to send you the proof of purchase for the pump.
For more information on our warranty policy read here.

2. Check the components for any damage or missing items

  • Carefully inspect each part, looking for cracks, punctures or discoloration. Set aside anything which doesn’t look right and send us a picture if you have any concerns.
  • To verify the parts are working well complete your first sterilization of these parts following the instructions found here. On rare occasions we do hear that the first sterilization caused an issue with those pump parts. It’s best to try sterilizing as soon as you can to prevent finding this out too late!
  • After sterilizing, wash your hands and assemble the parts to make sure everything attaches correctly.

3. Measure for Flange Size

Flange size assures that the pump is working the best it can for you! It is normal for flange size to change overtime, especially during your pregnancy. Avoid purchasing unneeded flanges by measuring close to when you will be using your pump. I would recommend waiting to measure until you are less than 1 month out from your due date. If your baby is already here, measure right away!
You can find instructions for measuring yourself for flange size here.

4. Sterilize Parts

Be sure to sterilize the proper breast pump parts to ensure they’re clean and ready for use when your pumping journey begins! Watch as a Motif mom, Kris, talks about the importance of sterilizing parts to help prepare for the pumping journey! Also, check out great step-by-step instructions on cleaning and sterilizing the appropriate breast pump parts, found in this blog post.

5. Check the pump’s function

Next, let’s test that pump out!
1. Check the power port and airflow ports for damage.
2. Power the pump on and check out the screen first, can you clearly read all parts of the screen?
3. If you have a battery powered pump you will want to make sure that it is charging properly. For the Luna with battery you should see the battery icon in the corner blinking when plugged in. This indicates that the battery is charging. When the Duo is plugged in and charging the battery icon should appear on the screen before powering the device on.
4. Check that any buttons on the pump work. Turn the suction level up and down. Switch modes (if applicable). Try changing the cycle setting (on the Luna, ju note the cycle setting is adjustable in Expression mode only).

5. Next, with clean hands attach the parts to both sides of the pump and power the pump on again. You should see the diaphragm pieces, or backflow protectors, inflating or moving up and down when the pump is on.

6. Now you will check for suction. Typically, if the diaphragms are moving this means the pump is creating suction, however, you will still want to verify this.

If you have not had your child yet always check with your doctor before using the breast pump. Pumping while pregnant could cause you to go into labor early. If you have not given birth I would encourage you just to put the flange flat against your palm.
Do know it can be tricky to feel the suction with your hands, as it is typically a very subtle sensation when felt with hands, as opposed to breasts. Any amount of pull you feel on your hand indicates this is working.
If you are having trouble telling with your hand using this method. Remove the flange and diaphragm assembly and simply place your finger against the tip of the tubing instead to see if you feel pull there.
If you have given birth, turn off the pump, align the flanges on your nipples and try turning the pump on again. You should feel pull on your nipples.
7. If you're not going to start pumping now, put your pump away and store it is a safe, dry location until you are two weeks out from when you are intending to start pumping- be that when the baby arrives, or when you are returning to work.
At the two week mark it is a good idea to repeat these steps to check the pumps function again and assure you have time to make a claim if it is needed at this time. Sometimes a long period of storage may result in an issue with the pump. 8. Troubleshoot. Does something not seem to be working correctly? Check here for a relevant troubleshooting article for what you are experiencing. Also, for individual pump troubleshooting information, you can also consult your breast pump manual!
8. If there are issues with your pump, reach out to make a warranty claim
If anything is damaged, missing, or not working properly contact us! Our customer service team is here Monday- Friday 8am-5pm EST to help with warranty issues. You can reach out to us four different ways.
1) By phone at 844-272-8390

2) With live chat on our website, using the button in the lower right-hand corner
3) By submitting a contact us form on our website here
4) By emailing hello@motifmedical.com
Here’s some helpful information about ensuring the best communication with our Customer Service team:
  • If you reach out to us using email, or the ‘Contact Us’ form, please know that our reply may show up in your spam folder. If you would like to be contacted by phone instead, include this in your message to us.
  • If you reach out by phone it is common to need to leave a voicemail. Don’t worry, we will get back to you right away, typically within the hour. We only return calls where voicemails are left, so please do leave us a message if you want to hear back from us by phone.
  • When making your warranty claim, please be as specific as you can! Let us know what you see, hear, and feel is happening with the pump and what troubleshooting steps you have taken already. Messages without these details will result in us asking for more information and may take up more of your time.
  • Wait by for our answer- usually within the hour. Have your pump and parts nearby so we can help with any needed troubleshooting.

If you’d like more information on what to do when your breast pump arrives, feel free to reach out to us! Thanks for choosing Motif and best of luck to you in your pumping journey!

All content published on the Motif Medical site is credited for information purposes only. This information should not substitute as medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult your doctor or qualified health professional with any questions regarding the health of you or your baby.


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