Find Relief Through Physician-Prescribed Maternity Compression

Are you expecting a new bundle of joy? As your body prepares for delivery, you may begin to experience new aches, pains and fatigue. Luckily, help is available through Maternity Compression garments. And the best news? Maternity Compression garments are often covered through insurance with a doctor’s prescription.

Maternity compression refers to pregnancy support or compression products that are specifically designed to relieve a few of the painful symptoms that may come along with pregnancy and improve circulation. Some of these items are suited for before and after giving birth, while postpartum garments should only be worn afterward. Unlike popular shapewear items, these are medical devices.

Compression Socks

Compression socks or maternity socks are knitted tights that provide comfort and relief during all stages of pregnancy. They are specialized hosiery that starts off tightest at the toes and loosen further up the leg in order to help circulate your blood, reduce swelling, and relieve pain and cramping.

An expecting mother may need compression socks if they notice swelling in their legs, ankles, and feet. This is completely normal as the body produces 50% more blood and other bodily fluids to help the body expand to support your growing baby and prepare for childbirth.

However, the extra weight and pressure placed on your body can make it difficult for their veins to pump blood causing edema when fluid pulls and collects. By gently squeezing their legs maternity compression socks promote blood flow to improve circulation. This can provide more comfort and reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis and varicose veins.

Pregnancy Support Bands

Pregnancy support bands are made from soft and supportive, breathable fabric to support the weight of expanding pregnant bellies. As the uterus grows to accommodate your baby, the hip joints loosen and muscles and ligaments in the lower back, abdomen, pelvic area, and hips become stretched and strained.

This can lead to a variety of nuisances as the hips become less stabilized and more pressure is placed on the core and lower back, Many moms have persistent lower back pain, round ligament pain in the hip, Sacroiliac (SI) joint pain around the tailbone, and more.

Maternity belts are able to more evenly distribute the weight of a growing baby across the core to relieve pressure and reduce pain. They also help stabilize the pelvis and support the uterus, making it easier to move around. They reduce pain and discomfort and facilitate good posture. Motif's pregnancy belly band can be used after childbirth as well to assist in postpartum recovery.

Postpartum Recovery Garments

Postpartum recovery garments are similar to belly bands, only they cover more area by going from the pelvis all the way up the chest to specifically support areas impacted by childbirth. Both vaginal deliveries and C-sections do a number on the body as it works hard to support and deliver your baby. As a result, the abdominal muscles split and ligaments and muscles can weaken, leaving moms sore and exhausted. With compression panels to target recuperating areas after birth, postpartum garments can help support the glutes, hips, pelvis, back, and core for a quicker recovery.

All content published on the Motif Medical site is credited for information purposes only. This information should not substitute as medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult your doctor or qualified health professional with any questions regarding the health of you or your baby.


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