Frequently Asked Breast Pump Insurance Coverage Questions

Congratulations on your pregnancy! You now have a lot to expect while expecting your new bundle of joy. From complete strangers wanting to touch your belly, first laughs, and getting a breast pump through insurance.

Some of these experiences are better than others and when it comes to receiving your brand new pump, you can help the process a lot easier by knowing what questions to ask your insurance provider.

Questions to Ask About Breast Pumps Through Insurance

1. Does the insurance plan cover a double electric breast pump?

Pull out your insurance card and call the number on the back then ask point blank if they will cover a breast pump. The answer is most likely yes and if so you did to ask a few follow up questions.

2. How do you get started?

Be sure to see what paperwork they need you to fill out about your medical history. Also, see if you need a prescription for your doctor.

3. What types of breast pumps are covered?

When you get a breast pump with insurance your options may vary based on your coverage. Some companies only cover manual breast pumps but double electric breast pumps are much more convenient. It’s also good to discuss what brands are covered and if a breast pump rental will be covered.

4. Will insurance cover additional supplies, breast pump bags, or a different pump?

Some insurance plans will cover additional breast pump supplies like flanges, milk storage bottles, and tubing. Generally, your medical insurance will cover a set amount towards a specific breast pump. Insurance plans do not cover breast pump bags. 

5. Where do I get my pump from?

Your insurance company will refer you to a medical equipment provider that will ship your pump to you and bill them for the cost. If the breast pump you really want is out of stock ask if you can purchase it from the store and be reimbursed.

6. When will I get my breast pump?

Insurance rules can make things a little tricky sometimes. Some coverage options will all you to receive your pump right away, others will send your pump six weeks before your due date, and some coverage options require you to wait until your baby is born. So, if you want your pump before your baby arrives ask your insurance representative what you can do.

7. I have a medical need for a hospital grade breast pump, will it be covered?

If you’re having trouble initiating your milk flow or face a medical condition that interferes with breastfeeding you may qualify to rent a hospital grade pump through insurance. You may need a prescription and the length of your rental may vary based on your coverage.

8. What happens if I need a lactation consultant?

If you are experiencing breastfeeding challenges, you aren’t alone. Each mom is different with unique circumstances. If you need a specialist ask your insurance provider if the visit will be covered or reimbursed, as well as what you need for reimbursement. Also, find out if you need pre-authorization for appointments and how many will be covered.

Make The Process Even Easier With Motif

You know what takes a long time? Calling your insurance company and filling out tons of paperwork. Cut out the waiting times and hassle by discovering your breast pump options with Motif.

All you have to do is spend a few seconds using our look-up tool to find a medical equipment supplier that can provide an insurance covered breast pump. We specifically design our breast pumps to be covered by most insurance plans

Once you choose your breast pump, your work is over and ours begins as we contact your insurance provider and doctor to handle any and all paperwork involved with getting your breast pump shipped directly to your front door. All you’ll have to do is relax and prepare for the arrival of your baby. So why wait?

All content published on the Motif Medical site is credited for information purposes only. This information should not substitute as medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult your doctor or qualified health professional with any questions regarding the health of you or your baby.


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