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At Motif, our mission is not only to help moms and moms-to-be from pregnancy to postpartum, but also celebrate their entire motherhood journey. With August being National Breastfeeding Month, we wanted to highlight the different breastfeeding, pumping, and early motherhood experiences from real moms in an honest and personal blog series. Each week, we’ll be sharing a story from a different mom to showcase how unique everyone’s journey truly is!

This week, we are so happy to share Heidy D.’s inspiring story about her experience journey with breastfeeding and pumping.

Heidy D.'s Breastfeeding Journey

Why I chose breastfeeding…

Seven weeks, that’s how far along I was when I found out I was pregnant. It all started with me feeling bad then my coworker joking around telling me “you’re pregnant.” Next thing you know i’m in the bathroom taking a pregnancy test! A whole week later I am in excruciating pain on my way to the ER. Twenty-four hours in the hospital and no one knows what’s wrong with me. No MRI nor ultrasound showed what’s going on in my right lower abdominal area. The only thing going on is I'm pregnant, I'm on morphine and in pain. It came to a point where I wasn’t able to walk so they decided to take me into surgery at night to open me up and see what was the issue. Before surgery they told me there was a chance I could lose the baby due to the morphine I'm already on plus the general anesthesia. That was the most terrifying news to hear as a first time mom especially when I just heard the heartbeat for the first time in the ER when they did an ultrasound on me…

Once I'm in surgery they enter with a tiny camera first to see if they can find the problem. Fast forwarding, they removed my appendix to avoid any future issues, but that wasn’t the issue…here comes the big one. I had a right ovarian twist (x3) plus my fallopian tube was not functioning. They said it was a miracle I was even able to get pregnant with an ovarian twist, especially that it twisted three times right in the middle plus the fallopian tube not functioning. My child is a miracle child.

After going through everything I went through I was always seen monthly with my fetal specialist to make sure my son Mason was developing with no issues and to make sure the progesterone pills were helping me out to avoid me having a miscarriage. Going through a big scare my first pregnancy was very nerve wracking, I didn’t want no one to know what I went through. I wanted to focus on my child and make sure I did the best I could to help him develop. I made sure to eat as healthy as I could and to obtain as many vitamins as I was able to. I always thought Mason needed the best nutrition once he was born too. The only option I had was breastmilk!

Luckily, I started producing around six months, I would have constant leaks at night. Silly me, I always thought I would drool at night! I did lots of reading on breastfeeding and pumping as well. I started researching on breast pumps and I ran into Motif online, I did my comparison with many brands and the coverage with my insurance and chose Motif.

Mason was born May 27th soon as we got to our room it was breastfeeding time. He was such a calm baby and didn't even cry, he immediately latched on too. I had some knowledge about breastfeeding since I had done online research before plus there was a nurse always coming in and out checking up on me if I needed help. I strictly breastfed till Mase was two months, then I introduced him to the bottle. I started pumping in between his feeds so he can get a feeling of the bottle and so I can catch a break as well. He is currently three months and only takes the bottle of milk I pump during the day.

The Motif Luna breast pump has saved my life. It makes pumping so quick and it makes zero noise. Mason can be asleep and I will be pumping while working from home. The only time he gets breast now is during the night when he wakes up hungry. There is nothing better than breastmilk, it has all the nutrition the baby needs. I’m anti-formula that is a manmade thing that doesn’t have the nutrition the breastmilk has.

Breastfeeding and pumping is something you must have dedication for. Nothing is easy at first, it's a habit you have to get used to. Remember your life isn’t what it was before, now you have a child who has to get used to you and vice versa. I remember crying at first because it hurts to breastfeed for the first time, but I never gave up on my son nor on myself. I set my mind to give him the best I could. Pumping my milk out made everything so much smoother, every day I am grateful for this journey I have been through so far.

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