My Breastfeeding Journey - Karla M.

My Breastfeeding Journey by Karla M.

At Motif, our mission is not only to help moms and moms-to-be from pregnancy to postpartum, but also celebrate their entire motherhood journey. With August being National Breastfeeding Month, we wanted to highlight the different breastfeeding, pumping, and early motherhood experiences from real moms in an honest and personal blog series. Each week, we’ll be sharing a story from a different mom to showcase how unique everyone’s journey truly is!

This week, we have the honor of sharing Karla M.’s story about her experience with breastfeeding and pumping, as well advice for new moms from her perspective.

Looking back at my innocence about 6 years ago with my first pregnancy, breastfeeding was one of those things I thought would come so easily and naturally. My doctor talked to me about pumping but I never really paid much attention to it. I've had a traumatic experience with breastfeeding with my firstborn. From painful latch that eventually lead to constant fever which was later on diagnosed as mastitis - the pain I felt was something I would never want my fellow mothers to experience. Then I started reaching out to our local lactation consultant who gave me some helpful techniques to arm myself but it was still a bumpy road that required lots of experiments.

Moving on with my second child, I began pumping a week after giving birth and I would describe it as easier compared to my first one. My boy was a good latcher so I thought things would be smooth and then I was hit with another inevitable reality, I had a low supply. I've spent many late nights crying and being angry at my body for disappointing me yet again. My baby boy was born big, 9 lbs 4 ounces and was already a big eater. I couldn't keep up with his demand. After only getting 1-2 ounces per pumping session, I thought I needed to pump more often and so I did just that. Focusing more on late night feedings, I pumped every 2-3 hours, 15 to 20 minutes per session. Sometimes I increased it to 30 minutes first thing in the morning when my body could produce more milk, and I immediately saw an improvement and went from 1-2 ounces to 4 ounces.

Vitamins helped a lot in boosting my supply. So did my lactation cookies, lactation tea and lots of water. Don't forget to grab a snack and water every time you pump. After all, what you put in your body also contributes to the amount of breast milk your body generates.

Having a pump that is both strong yet gentle is also something that I would recommend. Motif Luna is known for effectively helping pumping moms get more milk in less time. Weighing only 2 lbs, this pump is light and portable that you can easily put in your pump bag on the go.  It also has a built in LED light which is perfect for late night pumping session. Plus, it's so quiet and chic! Prettiest breastpump in the market and the best part is that Motif just launched the battery operated version of the Luna. Same function, same efficacy but you can now use it anywhere! Say bye to sitting near the electric plug when pumping!

Being able to breastfeed and pump for our babies is definitely like a badge of honor, a feat many moms cherish and enjoy. But I also understand that breastfeeding and pumping is not for everyone. This journey taught me two things: patience and perseverance. It also made me appreciate what my body can do and endure and therefore gave me confidence I didn't even know I had.

My advice to all brand new moms who are looking to breastfeed or pump is give yourself grace. None of us veteran moms figured it all out at the beginning either. There will be lots of trial and error but you too will figure out what works and what doesn't. Don't be afraid to reach out for help, lactation consultants are trained to answer and guide you throughout this journey. And please remember, that in the eyes of your baby, you are more than enough.

Disclaimer: All stories are written and voluntarily shared by the author. All opinions are their own in their entirety.

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