Cheers to Motherhood: Tips for Surviving New Year's Eve

Celebrate In a Way That’s Comfortable for You

Embracing the arrival of a new era — motherhood is a source of great joy and delight. Whether you’re planning a glamorous night out or a cozy night at home, New Year’s Eve looks different as a breastfeeding mom. If you’re beginning your pregnancy journey of motherhood, you have big plans for celebrating the start of the new year! You’re headed into such a fun and exciting time—this will be the year that you get to meet your baby! Maybe you want to have a big night out with your friends or maybe this year staying at home sounds like the best option. Listen to what you and your baby need to get the year off to the right start and embrace this new season in your life! If you’re looking forward to having some time away from 24/7 baby care, careful planning can reduce stress and keep breastfeeding on track. If baby snuggles and Netflix are more of your style this year, that’s okay too! Want tips for how to plan for your New year's Eve, read to learn more from Motif's IBCLC and midwife!

Homebound DIY Ideas

It’s not uncommon for new mothers to feel conflicted about leaving their little ones for a night out. Just know that it’s okay to choose to stay home for a quiet night if that feels more comfortable for you. New Year’s Eve might feel very different next year, but it’s completely acceptable to enjoy the season you’re in this year. Lean into that desire to soak up this short time when the baby is little.

Creative Ways to Spend New Year’s Eve at Home

  • Document baby’s first New Year’s Eve: Get dressed up and do a mini family photo shoot or record a special video for friends and family.
  • Enjoy a special meal at home: Order a nice meal from a local restaurant, create a charcuterie board, or cook something new together.
  • Start a new family tradition: Recapping last year’s “peaks and valleys” and setting family goals are two popular choices.
  • Do a “year in review”: Look through the year’s photos to recall memorable moments.
  • Write a letter to your baby: Seal it up to be opened on New Year’s Eve the year they turn 18.
Breastfeeding momBreastfeeding mom

Relaxing Ways to Spend New Year’s Day

You know what? You don’t have to do anything this NYE weekend! If you’ve been struggling with insomnia or getting good sleep while you’re pregnant, your New Year’s dream might be a full night of rest! And that’s a valid and reasonable desire as a mom! Maybe this is the year you skip the festivities with your friends and family—that’s ok! Listen to your body. Trust your intuition to let you know what it is that you need for both your mental and emotional well-being. Moms, if you are staying in and having an early countdown to bedtime, then happy new year! 

You can also celebrate at home in a more relaxing fashion. Maybe you and your partner want to have some YOU time. Here’s a #MotifMoms Pro Tip: Moms of 2+ watch the previous year’s ball drop earlier at night! The kiddos will have no clue it’s not midnight and you can have your own family New Year’s Eve party! Enjoy some grown-up time like a soothing spa night together. You can order some candles on Amazon, bubble baths, or scented Epsom salts and listen to your favorite music together. This can be a lovely way to spend an evening together. If music isn’t your thing, turn on your favorite podcast or an audiobook could be a good choice! You can finish the evening off with a cup of chamomile tea and a leg massage with nourishing body oil. Then tuck yourselves in for a good night's sleep! Cheers to your New Year’s resolution — being parents!

Being with Your Besties


If going out to celebrate with some of your favorite people sounds like an amazing way to ring in the New Year, here are some tips to keep you comfortable and safe all night long. If you are in your second or third trimester, I recommend using Motif’s pregnancy support band so that you don’t have back pain at the end of the evening, especially if your plans include dancing! I want you to have a blast while you are out with your friends and family, but I don’t want you to be hurting later on, so give your back and your abdomen some help and wear your pregnancy brace when you go out! 

Speaking of staying comfortable all night long, I recommend avoiding high heels that night. Instead, opt for a flat or low-heeled shoe. High heels affect your posture and your blood flow. If you’re wearing them all night, you might go home with swelling, back pain, and sore feet
You can still enjoy fun drinks while you’re out and about, just skip the alcohol. You can have juice mixed with sparkling cider or soda water and berries for a garnish in a champagne flute. It looks just as festive without any chance of harming you or the baby! You can also get a mojito mocktail—just ask for the bartender to make it without the rum. It’s just as tasty as the alcoholic version! You can still get that iconic trending drink cheers photo.

Breastfeeding Basics

Whether you’re staying in or going out, you may be wondering about enjoying an alcoholic beverage or two to ring in the New Year. While the internet is full of misinformation and partial truths on the topic, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) have provided evidence-based guidance for safely enjoying alcohol while breastfeeding. Levels of alcohol in breast milk are similar to blood alcohol levels. As alcohol is metabolized by the body, these levels drop. 

This process takes time and depends on your body weight, if you’ve consumed food with alcohol, how many drinks you’ve had, and how quickly you drank them.

Follow these guidelines:
Wait at least 2 hours per drink before nursing or pumping.
If you become engorged and need to pump before enough time has passed, you should not use the expressed milk to feed your baby. 

Preparing to Travel for a Night Out

Tips for Traveling

If you are pregnant and will be traveling over the holidays, remember our top tips:

  • Wear Motif’s compression socks
  • Stay hydrated–keep drinking ½ your body weight in ounces of water each day
  • Get up to walk around every hour or so (if you’re doing my second tip, your bladder will help you follow this one!)
  • Bring snacks so you don’t get too hungry while you’re on the road. Hunger can cause nausea, headaches, and low blood sugar so stick a few snacks in your bag!

Tips for Traveling

  • Arrange Childcare: Be sure you are completely comfortable with your child’s caregiver. Communicate your expectations clearly and consider providing written instructions if this is your baby’s first time staying with this caregiver.
  • Pack the Diaper Bag: diapers, wipes, bottles, extra outfit, baby’s favorite comfort items, breastmilk (1-1.5 oz for every hour you’ll be gone)
  • Pack Your Pump Bag: wearable pump, manual pump, storage bags, hand sanitizer, nursing pads, wet/dry bag, cooler bag and cold packs
  • Wear Pumping-Friendly Clothing: Avoiding clothing that is too restrictive
  • Research the Venue: Find out where you can pump. Pumping in the bathroom is not recommended due to the increased risk of contaminating your milk.
  • Communicate with Others: Let your friends know that you’ll need to take time to pump and how long you plan to stay out. If everyone is on the same page, the evening will go more smoothly.
  • Make a Plan for Pumping On the Go: Going more than 3-4 hours without removing milk can be damaging to your milk supply. A wearable pump like the  Motif Aura can make finding a time and place to pump much easier! If you’re planning to be gone for less than 3-4 hours, a manual pump is good to bring along just in case plans change or you begin to feel engorged.
Breastfeeding momBreastfeeding mom

Midwife Moment - New Year’s Resolution

One last pregnancy tip for New Year’s Eve from my midwife heart to yours: be confident in the amazing person you are! You are growing a happy, healthy baby. Your body knows just what to do and so do you. Listen to that little voice inside you. Parenting decisions rarely feel like they are clear cut, so get used to having long discussions and then tuning into your knowing to find the right path for your family. You got this!

Let Go of Mom Guilt

No matter how you choose to ring in the New Year, it’s going to feel a bit different than it did pre-baby, and that’s okay! Don’t let mom guilt be part of your New Year’s plans though. Lean into your instincts. Honor the fact that you know what is best for you and your baby this year and all the years to come.

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Jacque Ordner is a mom of four sons and IBCLC in the heart of the Midwest in Illinois. Her love of lactation support began over a decade ago when she was working as a registered nurse. She specializes in adoptive lactation, breastfeeding after c-section, and pumping. 

Information provided in blogs should not be used as a substitute for medical care or consultation.

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Rebekah Mustaleski is a Medical Advisor for Motif Medical. She is a Certified Professional Midwife with Roots & Wings Midwifery, where she promotes evidence-based maternity care for families seeking an out-of-hospital delivery.

Information provided in blogs should not be used as a substitute for medical care or consultation.

Information provided in blogs should not be used as a substitute for medical care or consultation.


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