Motif Aura Resupply Kit


A complete replacement system for your Aura Breast Pump parts! The Aura Resupply Kit contains essential replacement parts so you can ensure your Aura is working at peak performance.


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The diaphragm is the round, plastic assembly that attaches to the top of the breast shield to allow for closed-system pumping. This assembly is affixed to the breast shield on one side and the tubing that goes to the motor of the pump on the other side. These diaphragms are compatible with the Luna Breast Pump and are required to operate the pump.


  • Acts as a protective barrier for the breast pump
  • Creates the closed pumping system
  • Prevents the buildup of mildew, bacteria and viruses within the milk and breast pump
  • Compatible with the Motif Luna Breast Pump


  • 2 Diaphragms

Features and Benefits:

Replaces worn or damaged parts

Helps moms have have spare parts on hand


What's Included:

2 – Milk Storage Containers
2 – Bottle Caps
2 – Bottle Nipples
2 – Locking Rings
2 – Disks
2 – Diaphragms
2 – Valves
3 – Pairs of Silicone Inserts (21MM, 24MM, 28MM)