Soothing Hydrogel Nipple Pads


Get instant cooling relief from sore nipples with our ultra soothing and healing reusable Hydrogel Nipple Pads - Reusable up to x7 times! Designed for breastfeeding moms, our cushiony and cooling hydrogel works to protect irritated breast tissue and alleviate pain. BPA free and even discreet under clothing, these effective Hydrogel Pads will give your bosoms some much needed TLC so you can continue on your nursing journey with ease and comfort. 
Store in fridge for a few hours prior to use for max relief.
Includes 4 pads per pack.

4.50 4

Absorb leaking breast milk with these comfortable, protective, and contoured nursing pads. Each is individually wrapped, and contains adhesive strips to secure the pad in place. Simply unfold, adhere, adjust, and go.


  • Breathable natural material
  • Excellent absorbency & leak protection
  • Keeps clothing dry
  • Contoured design for an exceptional fit
  • Adhesive strips to keep pad in place
  • Designed for comfort & protection
  • Simply unfold before use


  • 60 individually-wrapped nursing pads

Features & Benefits:

Alleviates pain caused by cracked and sore nipples.

Cooling sensation provides quick and instant relief.

Promotes natural healing.

Discreet under clothing.

Breathable & BPA Free.

4 pads per pack.

Each pad is reusable up to x7 times