Sonia’s Pumping Story

Note: Sonia's breast pumping story is part of a #ThisisPumping photo series chronicling moms nursing as they transition back to work and daily life. View more stories and learn about National Breastfeeding Month here. Sonia's Story Age: 34 Occupation: MotherLove Coordinator at the YWCA Asheville. MotherLove provides support and case management to pregnant and parenting students enrolled in high school. First-Time Mom Baby’s Name: River (Rio [...]

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Pumping in NYC: How A Busy Mom Is Getting Through It

Hi, I’m Megan. Mom of three, full-time working mom, NYC dweller and breastfeeder. Since 2013, I’ve been pregnant to nursing to pregnant to nursing to (why on earth does this hurt so bad all of a sudden OMG I MUST BE) pregnant again and now nursing my third baby. Pumping in NYC: How A Busy Mom Is Getting Through It We all have our breastfeeding story with each child like [...]

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The Ultimate Guide to Stop Breast Pumping Pain

The Ultimate Guide To Stop Breast Pumping Pain Just like with breastfeeding, pumping your breasts should most certainly not be painful or uncomfortable. While some discomfort and pain may happen, the occurrence of either could be an indicator that something needs to be adjusted or addressed. What Should Pumping Feel Like? Using a pump should be a similar sensation to comfortable breastfeeding: some pressure and gentle tugging. At times, [...]

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Why You Might Need a Pregnancy Band

Why You Might Need a Pregnancy Support Band By Rebekah Mustaleski, CPM What is a Pregnancy Support Band? Pregnancy is such a fun and exciting time for a family! There are so many new things to learn about, new sensations that you'll feel, and your baby's body is developing new parts and systems every day. But what about the changes happening to your body? Pregnancy can change your posture, [...]

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Cleaning Your Breast Pump

Alright Mama, we know you’re busy. Caring for an infant involves chores, laundry, diaper changes, feedings, and much more. Then your time becomes even more limited upon returning to work. However, to keep yourself and baby happy and healthy it's crucial to clean your Motif breast pump after every use! How To Clean Your Motif Breast Pump First of all, it’s important to clean your breast pump after each use to get [...]

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