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Motif Medical Launches the BiliTouch™ Phototherapy Blanket

Motif Medical, maker of insurance-eligible products for modern motherhood, announced the launch of its BiliTouch™ Phototherapy Blanket today. Intended for use in the treatment of infants diagnosed with hyperbilirubinemia, commonly known as neonatal jaundice, the BiliTouch™ is ultraportable, lightweight and battery-powered, ideal for use both in a hospital setting and at home.

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Breastmilk Composition

Are you breastfeeding or planning to breastfeed? There’s a lot to learn when it comes to infant feeding, lactation, and breastmilk itself! Did you know — human breastmilk is a living, fluctuating substance made up of several “ingredients." Learn more about what makes breastmilk composition so special in this blog!

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When and How to Use a Nipple Shield for Breastfeeding

Nipple shields were once thought of as a quick fix for breastfeeding pain, under the guise of pain being a normal thing to expect and work through when you breastfeed. Now we know there can actually be issues stemming from the use of nipple shields, especially if using without the guidance and follow up of a breastfeeding professional, an IBCLC.

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What is Diastasis Recti?

Once you’re pregnant or in pre-pregnancy planning, you start learning about all sorts of things that you’d never thought about before, like diastasis recti, which sometimes it needs special attention. But many expectant and new moms wonder how do you know the difference, how it affects your health, and is there anything you can do to prevent it or treat it?

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Healthy Breastfeeding Diet Do’s and Don’ts

One of the major questions from new moms, especially breastfeeding moms, is what their diet should look like in postpartum and how to ensure they have a healthy diet to provide the best for what their baby needs. A well-rounded diet rich in nutrition is a priority when breastfeeding. While many assume it has to do with their milk supply, milk production, and milk composition, evidence suggests that nutrition has more to do with the health status of the lactating mother in many ways.

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Returning to Work While Breastfeeding & Pumping

Many working moms who breastfeed and exclusively pump face the challenge of pumping during the work day, and they do so successfully with some preparation. As a pumping mom, all you need is a little confidence, a solid plan, and reliable resources.

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