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Breastfeeding & Pumping Schedule For New Moms

mom pumping with Motif Duo
Having a baby comes with plenty of new tasks and adjustments. Pumping may not need to be immediately part of the equation. Milk supply adequacy is often an anxiety-driven reason to implement pumping right away, having that visual of milk as reassurance. Unfortunately, pumping output is not a great gauge for total milk supply, especially not in the first days postpartum, and can worsen any anxiety already present. On the flip side, with pumps becoming more efficient than ever, it may create an oversupply if feeding at the breast AND pumping, telling the body to create milk for more babies than there actually is/are. Supply is demand-driven.

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Inducing Labor: Myth vs. Reality

One of the first things people do when they find out they are pregnant is figure out their estimated due date—when will their baby be born? Everyone wants to know that! Some people have scheduled c-sections, which may give them more control over their baby’s birth date, but even then, babies have a mind of their own and sometimes they choose to come sooner than expected.

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Swelling During Pregnancy: What’s Normal

pregnant woman doing yoga while wearing motif belly band
A lot of changes happen in your body while you’re pregnant! Swelling, or edema, is extra fluid that collects in your tissues. It is considered a normal part of a healthy pregnancy and is caused by the increased blood volume your body makes to be able to provide baby with all of their nutritional needs. This increase occurs between 20 and 28 weeks of pregnancy, which is also when people begin to notice swelling.

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Finding The Correct Breast Pump Flange Size

Finding the right fit is always important – whether it’s for clothing, shoes, but especially when it comes to your breast pump flange size if you're a breast pumping mom. Soreness, pinching, irritation, and clogged milk ducts don’t sound fun but are all things that can occur if you don’t have the correct flange size. A breast pump flange (breast shield) size that is too small or too big could seriously hinder your pumping experience and overall breast pumping journey. So, be sure to choose the correct size to properly express milk for your infant.

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Self-Care Routines for the Breast Pumping & Breastfeeding Mother

Pumping does not need to feel like a chore or another job. In fact, for many mothers who have a unique system in place, pumping sessions can actually be a highlight of the day. Finding ways to make using your breast pump and your overall pumping schedule more efficient, effective, and enjoyable will make an incredible difference! Plan ahead with these ideas, and escape to your next pumping session with ease and relaxation.

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Medications while Breastfeeding and Pumping During Cold Season

With the middle of cold season among us, it's extremely important for breastfeeding women to learn all they can about how over-the-counter cold medications and other medicines can affect their milk production, along with the other side effects that may come with taking cold medicine. From common medications like Tylenol and Advil or others containing ibuprofen, acetaminophen, as well as decongestants, it can be hard to know what effects these may have on lactation.

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Cluster Feeding

mom cluster feeding
When you enter the world of motherhood, you may find yourself having many questions regarding the ins and outs of breastfeeding, including how to breastfeed, what comes with the life of a breastfeeding mom, when to implement a breast pump, how breast milk supply works, how to soothe a fussy baby, and when to seek a professional for breastfeeding support (and so much more!) One interesting topic that comes with breastfeeding and your baby’s growth spurts is cluster feeding.

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