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How to Hand Express Breast Milk

Hand expressing breast milk is a useful tool for a number of reasons, such as encouraging milk flow, building breast milk supply in between feedings and pumping sessions, using in place of breast pumping, and collecting colostrum. Learning how to express breast milk can also relieve engorgement and clogged ducts, and is a priceless tool in emergencies when milk needs to be expressed or if baby is having trouble feeding.

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What to Know about C-Sections: A Step by Step Guide

With the Caesarean section rate being so high in our country, it's a good idea for all expecting parents to be familiar with the procedure and to know what your options are with a surgical birth.

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Alcohol and Breastfeeding – Is It Ever Safe?

Thanks to what is known through metabolic processes in the healthcare world, it's not completely forbidden to have an alcoholic beverage when breastfeeding, especially when consumed in moderate amounts and timed correctly.

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Holiday Travel During Pregnancy

The holidays are a time of year filled with family, friends, and lots of celebration. But, when you're pregnant, there's so much more to celebrate with loved ones, and for many of us to share these moments, there is travel involved. According to a survey conducted by The Vacationer, more than 63% of people over the age of 18 will be traveling this holiday season, so here's a few tips and tricks to help you enjoy your travel plans and stay safe this holiday season.

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Top Breastfeeding Questions with an IBCLC & CLC

While there are always unique questions and concerns about breastfeeding and pumping, there are questions that are more common than others! Because of this, we have teamed up to provide you with answers to your burning questions with our own experiences and resources. 

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Weaning Your Child from Breastfeeding

There will inevitably come a time when you have to tackle the weaning process, and this will look differently from child-to-child, in time frame, temperament, readiness, method and reasons. Just like with many other things, there is a "right" and "wrong" way to approach this, but in less polarizing terms, a way that is less impactful to our emotions, theirs, and your health. 

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The Ultimate Guide for Traveling with Breast Milk

mom adding motif milk storage bottle to cooler bag

When traveling with breast milk, a little planning ahead makes the process quite simple and little-to-no hassle! By now you may already have your stash developed or have a pumping routine in place, but now there is planning needed to transport the milk, whether fresh or stored. Whether you are taking a road trip or are flying across the country, knowing how to store the milk you bring, or pump, along the way is imperative to save the integrity (and time spent!)

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A Midwife’s Guide to C-Section Incision Care

Every expectant parent wants the very best for their baby, and sometimes the very best way for a baby to be born is by cesarean section. When your baby’s birth is a cesarean delivery, the postpartum period and healing process can be even more challenging. Learn about healing from a C-Section in this blog.

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Can You Mix Breast Milk with Baby Formula?

According to the CDC, breast milk is the best nutritional option for infants because of the bioavailability of nutrients, meaning in their most absorptive and active form, along with the reduction in various risks for both mother and baby, from diabetes to female related cancers.

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The Best Sleeping Positions for Pregnant Women

Getting good sleep is always an important part of life. Sleep is the time when your body resets, detoxifies, and recharges for the next day. It's also vital for cardiovascular health and brain function and is so essential that a lack of sleep can lead to pregnancy complications.

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