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Determining A Breastfeeding Schedule & Sticking To It

If you’ve recently given birth you may feel as if your normal routine has been thrown out the window and that’s because now you’re on baby time. Determining a breastfeeding schedule may help you regain some balance and structure with time to rest.
This may seem overwhelming at first but just take a deep breath. As your baby grows you’ll find that a schedule makes it easier to keep an eye on their health and patterns. It also allows you more time to rest and helps to regulate your milk supply. So, how do you determine a schedule?

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Find Relief Through Physician-Prescribed Maternity Compression

Are you expecting a new bundle of joy? As your body prepares for delivery, you may begin to experience new aches, pains and fatigue. Luckily, help is available through Maternity Compression garments. And the best news? Maternity Compression garments are often covered through insurance with a doctor’s prescription.

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Breast Pump Insurance Coverage and the ACA

If you find yourself asking, “Will my insurance cover my breast pump?” then you’re in the right place. Unfortunately, it seems like anything having to deal with insurance companies can be complicated and confusing, even when it comes to breast pumps.
However, that’s why we’re here to help by quickly guiding you through the breast pump insurance coverage.

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Gift Guides Featuring The Best Motif Presents For Mom

With each passing December day, we’re running out of time to deck the halls with boughs of folly. For those who haven’t started holiday shopping, you may be feeling the pressure. But don't worry,  you have plenty of time to find gifts for that new mom in your life thanks to these awesome gift guides!

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