Breast Pumping

Myth Busting: Foods to Increase Milk Supply When Pumping and Breastfeeding

For generations, and differing in many countries, foods, lactation teas, and supplements have always been the subject for helping breastfeeding moms achieve a healthy milk supply and produce enough milk, cutting certain ones out to reduce baby’s gas and tummy aches, and in some cases, to stop lactation. The majority do not have any evidence in truth or efficacy.

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How Much Should a Newborn Eat? Breastfeeding in the First Year

With a new little one, it can be hard for new parents to learn all the ins and outs of what their baby needs, especially when talking about breastfeeding, if they're getting enough milk, introducing solid foods, and how it all affects your baby's weight and development. Luckily, we're here to help break down the details of how much a newborn should eat!

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How to Pump More Efficiently with Breast Pump Levels

Breast pumps are much stronger and efficient in their design than they were even five years ago. Having a range of settings to work with allows women to adjust for their comfort, too, not just efficacy needs. With an effective pump and comfortable, attainable settings, pumping breastmilk becomes a much more efficient task.

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Breastfeeding and Pumping During the Holidays Q & A

The holidays can be a stressful time: juggling visiting families, cooking dinners, shopping for food and gifts, and staying well through it all. Breastfeeding while traveling comes with many questions, too. Managing breastfeeding and pumping, as well as boundaries and anxieties, are areas we can help! We asked mothers like you what your top holiday and travel questions and concerns were.

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When Does Breast Milk Come In: What You Need to Know

The term milk “coming in” actually refers to the maturation and volume development of breastmilk. In other words, the milk changes from colostrum to the white milk we think of, causing breasts to feel fuller and is easier to pump out. The technical term for this is Lactogenesis II- the creation of milk, part two.

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First Week Postpartum Essentials

The immediate postpartum period is such an important time for you and baby to bond and get to know each other for the first time. Your main priorities over the first couple of weeks is to rest your body and feed your baby. So what are the best ways to prepare for that? What should you have and what will make those things easier?

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How To Know If Breastfeeding Is Going Well

Breastfeeding, in concept, can be made to feel intuitive, as in a mother just knows what to do and how things are going. In reality, it can be quite daunting, overwhelming, and unsure at times. It's nice to have affirmations and ways to be able to personally and quickly tell if things are going well, along with knowledge of things to ask for help about. This is how we gain confidence and put the power back to the mother.

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Breast Pumping 101

Using your pump is a technique, a process. The steps involved are not to simply hook up, press “on” and crank things up to full power. In fact, it may be counterproductive, quite literally, and even painful, to pump without proper technique. The most optimal output is achieved with an intentional method to simulate the way a baby triggers milk release. Luckily, with a great pump and establishing a technique, pumping will feel much simpler!

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Your Birth Plan : Breastfeeding

If you've gotten to the part of your pregnancy when you're starting to put together your birth plan, then you know there is certainly a lot to consider! If you're planning to breastfeed your baby, it certainly needs to be included on your birth plan. The first couple of hours after birth have an enormous impact on establishing good breastfeeding habits, as well as creating an adequate milk supply.

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